About Us

Weather Shield India is a pioneer in producing thermal pallet covers and blankets for pharma industry. Today it is a well known brand and a key player in the global market. Weather Shield is working closely with several global pharma companies, global logistics leaders and cargo carriers since 2007. This has given Weather Shield great experience & a deeper understanding to the growing demands of pharma cold chain integrity.

The dedicated team at Weather Shield has focused on producing specific tailor made grades that protects sensitive pharmaceutical cargo in its journey during transport by retaining the cargo temperature and shielding it from extreme temperature fluctuations. This has resulted in producing truly world class products.

Weather Shield products are made out of unique material & design providing outstanding heat reflective & thermal insulation properties. The blankets can cover the entire pallet with an optional bottom portion. The cap type cover/blanket simply fits on top & all four sides and is further secured by a oversized bottom part with self adhesive release tape on its edges.

The loss/rejection due to temperature instability and the use of data/temperature logger makes Weather Shield thermal pallet covers & blankets a necessity and not a choice.